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Terms and conditions

  • Please encourage your student to complete school / college homework tasks on time and the regular tuition revision tasks that are set.
  • Students should update their summary books each week with keywords, formulas and diagrams.
  • Students should complete a number of questions in their workbooks and / or exam past paper questions.
  • In my experience, the students who succeed in their exams are those who complete their work, on time, and are keen to demonstrate all their work to others.
  • Thankfully, most appointment times are fully booked. However, this makes it almost impossible to change a regular time once the school year has started and the schedule is in place.
  • Please give at least 48 hours notice of a cancellation. It is very difficult to fill an empty appointment at short notice.
  • Please try to make payment on the day of the lesson, if not before. Cash, cheque or electronic payment are all acceptable. Statements are available on request.

Privacy Statement

Data protection

Please read this Privacy Statement before submitting the form

Believe me, this is going to be clear and brief!

We keep your names, address, telephone numbers and a small amount of relevant information such as school name and school year. This is referred to as 'data' in this privacy statement. We need this information so that we can contact you, locate you and help you.

Our name and address is shown here as an image to stop those naughty internet criminals from taking our data without permission. We have to protect ourselves, too!

Our internet web site service provider keeps data about your computer such as operating system and location where possible. This information allows us to analyse the number of people who are searching for and finding our web site. This is very useful as we are a business and we need to be good at attracting new clients. This data has no identifying names so we cannot see your name or contact details.

Our Contacts form receives your enquiry and emails the data to us. This contact form is the most secure system that we can find. We then email or phone you to make direct contact. Old emails are deleted after a period of about two years. Some clients make contact months after an initial enquiry so we keep emails for over one year.

We do not do direct marketing. We do not do Facebook, Twitter or any other similar social media platform, either as a business or personally. We use the web site, posters and educational videos to market and advertise our business. We are currently trying to eliminate Google and Gmail due to data security concerns.

Once a student is being tutored, we use your information to keep in contact to arrange appointment times and offer relevant advice. Similarly, you contact us to advise us on appointments and to discuss education topics.

Our website is deliberately simple. This is to speed up the download speeds and to make it more secure. We use links to other websites that we like and recommend. Please note that we have no control of these other web sites.

We do not pass on any of your information to other businesses.

We have to keep financial records for about 6 years to meet government rules and laws. We only use forenames of clients for your security.

We promise to do our best to protect your data by securing our premises, the good use of passwords and updated software, the deleting of electronic records on a regular basis and the shredding of printed data when no longer required.

You may request a copy of the data that we hold on you. We will contact you to ensure that the request is genuinely from you and not a scam.

For more details on General Data Protection Regulations, GDPR, please see the official ICO website: ico.org.uk

Dated 11th May 2018


For more details on General Data Protection Regulations, GDPR, please see the official ICO website: ico.org.uk